A fresh start – in English

Not many kids went to college in the neighborhood I grew up, in gigantic Sao Paulo, Brazil. I could only do it because an uncle, who worked as a reporter at a newspaper, introduced me to the thrills of journalism. If it weren’t for his reports I would probably have become a bank teller or an insurance salesman, just like many of the friends I had then. I come from a working class family, to be really gentle in naming it.

At the age of 14 I was very passionate about the media. My mother had bad jobs by then and decided to give me a reality check. “The only way you will afford an university degree is by studying English hard and being able to teach it”, she said. The greatest tip ever. If I hadn’t listened to her I would never have met so many interesting people, gone to great places and seen live action in campaign trails, Olympic Games, plane crashes, stock market debacles and various important events in the last eight years.

So why start it all over? Why leave friends, family and a cozy place behind, 6,000 miles away?

First of all because I know where home is. And that is where I am going back (it is not a favor, we have a World Cup and Rio-2016 in the making). To me this is also a break I planned two years ago. A very deserved one. Nobody can truly enjoy journalism and accept the unhealthy lifestyle that comes in the job description without stopping to think for a while. After working in Congress, I was sure I should definitely slow down a bit.

Secondly I believe there is more to life than just keeping calm and carrying on. Fresh starts allow you to reinvent yourself and learn more than you could from sheer observation. Journalism is also about that: you’ve got to feel it in your bones. Nothing would have had the same impact of moving to London, studying here and doing something nice from scratch — which I am still to do. Being at a world class institution like City University London will surely help in my journey. The journey that started making me who I am 16 years ago.

This blog is supposed to be on where I am, where I am going to and how it is for an international journalist to be report from here. There are surely many Europeans and Americans who come to the United Kingdom to do that, but not so many from South America (if you are one of them, please, let me know).

I truly believe journalism is not a science and most of what a reporter writes has a lot to do with who he or she is. This is a lot of who I am. Please, let me know of any mistakes I make, both in English and in comprehension. I hope this becomes a forum worthy of your attention.

P.S.> I chose this name for the blog because at the place I live there are many signs of “beware, thieves operate in this area”. It may come as a surprise to my British friends, but that looks really funny for people from South America. If we copied this technology they would be everywhere back home.

About Mauricio Savarese

I am a Brazilian journalist who got tired of reporting only in Portuguese. Politics and football, these are my turfs. Twitter: @msavarese. Email: savarese.mauricio@gmail.com

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