Brazil Podcast 2 – Olympic preparations, Bolsa Família rise and São Paulo gay parade

This is the second Brazil Podcast, an effort of independent journalists and producers in Brazil. In this edition, our producer is Sam Cowie, who is based in Rio. Guests are filmmaker Leonardo Macário, also in Rio, and journalist Ben Tavener, in São Paulo. I am host Maurício Savarese, in São Paulo as well.

Our topics this week are:

Rio Olympic preparations slammed by members of the IOC.
Welfare program Bolsa Família is raised months before the elections.
São Paulo hosts one of the world’s biggest LGBT parades.

We hope to be on iTunes pretty soon. If you are an independent journalist in Brazil and wish to participate in the following editions, please, write to

About Mauricio Savarese

I am a Brazilian journalist who got tired of reporting only in Portuguese. Politics and football, these are my turfs. Twitter: @msavarese. Email:

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  1. Great podcast. Keep up doing the great job.

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