About Mauricio Savarese

Living la vida loca of journalism since 2003. Interactive Journalism MA at City University, freelancer and a junkie for football and politics. I worked at Reuters, FourFourTwo Brazil and news website UOL. I covered politics, sports, economy and general news. I have been to two Olympic Games, two presidential elections in Brazil, three elections abroad and a Pope conclave. Looking forward to being in the English written media for the 2014 World Cup, Rio 2016 and all things Brazil and Latin America. Yes, I am bold. Twitter account: @msavarese. Email: savarese.mauricio@gmail.com.

  1. Firing LIVE!!

  2. Hey There! I love reading your blog, it is so insightful and I’ve learned so much about the country I will be visiting next summer. I’ve nominated you for a WordPress Family Award I like your blog so much! Feel free to continue the love by nominating your own favorite blogs or just bask in the knowledge that someone out there thinks your blog posts are important and awesome! You can read my blurb about your blog here:

    • Mauricio Savarese

      Thank you so much, Patricia. If you have any suggestions I could help with they are more than welcome as well. 🙂

  3. Mauricio, love your blog–found it today from the Folha International edition. Come join us over on Brazil Bloggers on facebook, okay? https://www.facebook.com/groups/514651485259341/. There’s a good group of expats here in Brazil posting, as well as Brazilians in other countries. My blog is here: http://brazilinmyeyes.blogspot.com.br/. Look forward to reading more of yours!

  4. Marcus Salmeron


    Can you publish your texts in portuguese? They are very, very interesting to brazilians that don’t understand English!

    Marcus Salmeron

    • Mauricio Savarese

      Bem que eu gostaria. Não dá tempo de fazer tudo e trabalhar. 🙂 como o blog é voltado para estrangeiros no Brasil, fico na dependência de quem traduza e me consulte pra eu dar um ok. Além disso, escrever direto em português traz petistas e tucanos tarados — acho que eles só dificultam o debate, não quero os cliques deles. Abs!

  5. Maurício, I visited your blog for the first time today. I support the current governement (Am I considered a petista?) and I write in both languages, so, please, do not discriminate. This is what is very fashionable in Brazil right now ans also extremely dangerous. Thanks and good luck!

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